Sandlapper League

  Application Deadline - January 20th
Monday January 20, 2014
Sandlapper Coaches & Managers,

I hope you are doing well and getting ready for another soccer season. I have update the Sandlapper web site with the Spring league information. Please take a few mins to visit the web site ( and notice the following information:

> On Line Registration: Please go ahead and start registering your team for the spring season. Fees are usually paid by each club and will be mailed in at a later date. Registration Deadline is January 20th

RAINEDOUT.COM: For the Spring I’ll be using this to help teams find out about field status during the season. Make sure each of your team parents sign up to have this system send them direct messages about fields. Instructions for registration can be found by clicking on the blue symbol RAINEDOUT.COM in the middle of the web site.

> Click onto GENERAL INFORMATION and find all the following information.
       A. Guideline & Rules
       B. Referee Fees
       C. Procedure for rescheduling games
       D. Setting up your team page
       E. Reporting scores
       F. Reporting Red Cards

> Click onto ADMINISTRATORS LETTER and print the league information.

Because of this league’s huge success and good competition, additional teams and clubs are asking to join. If you know of anyone that may be interested please forward this information to them.

Thanks again,
Dennis R. Cook
(803) 446-4504