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Administrator's Letter

A South Carolina Youth Soccer Association League



It is now time to begin preparing for the U8 to U12 Fall 2013 League 

General Information
Sandlapper league registration is now on line. This league shall be directed and affiliated with and comply with the authority of USSF, USYSA, and SCYS. Please take the time to complete the registration for each team you plan to sign up to guarantee your teams spot.   Registration deadline will be Wednesday, August 14, 2013.
League Fees
League fees for the season will be $150 U8-U10 teams and $175 U11/12 teams.
A break down of the league fees are as follows:
                                                    U8-U10                                      U11/12
Field Usage                                   $60                                           $75
Referee Assignor                         $30                                           $40
Administration                             $60                                           $60
Sandlapper will reimburse all associations who host games and referee assignors after the season ends. Each team will play a minimum of 10 games. Please print the confirmation letter and send a check for each registered team to:
Dave Futral                                                                        Dennis R. Cook
Sandlapper League Treasurer                                        Sandlapper Administrator
244 Lakeshire Drive                                   OR                 106 Cedar Crest Lane
Lexington, SC 29073                                                        Irmo, SC 29063
(803) 957-3459                                                                (803) 446-4504
Email:                                        Email:
Your team will not be guaranteed a spot in the U8 to U12 Sandlapper League until your registration fees are paid in full.
Bond Check
Along with league fees each team will be required to include a bond check with your application. For U8-U10 teams the bond check will be $150 and for the U11/12 teams the bond check will be $175. Please make your bond check for each team out to Sandlapper League. Bond checks will only be used by the Sandlapper League if a team fails to fulfill their team responsibilities.
Referee Fees
Each team will be responsible for 50% of all referee fees for all home and away games throughout the season to be paid before each game. We intend to use a (1) man referee system for every U8-U10 game and a three (3)-man referee system for every U-11/12 game. As your budgeting for the season the referee fees will be:
                     U-8-U10 Referee Fee’s               $20.00 x 10 / 2 = $100.00    (Paid during season)
                                                                             Referee- $20
                     U-11/12 Referee Fee’s              $46.00 x 10 / 2 = $230.00     (Paid during season)
                                                                             Middle- $22, Assistant Referees- $12 each
Documentation needed for the league
       > Club’s league roster       
       > Player cards sanctioned by USYSA
        > Notification to travel forms for out of state games.
        (NOTE: May have teams playing from Augusta and Charlotte)
Season Opener
The U8 to U12 Fall Sandlapper League will begin play on Saturday, September 7, 2013. As mentioned before, there will be a 10 game schedule for all teams. Schedules for the entire season will be posted on the Sandlapper web site. Please be sure to indicate on the registration form your tournament schedule and other blackout dates. 
U8 Boys & Girls will play 25 min halves, 6v6, use 6 x 18 goals.
U9 Boys & Girls will play 25 min halves, 6v6, use 6 x 18 goals.
U10 Boys & Girls will play 25 min halves, 6v6, use 6 x 18 goals.
NOTE: Only 12 players can play in one game.
U11 Boys & Girls will play 30 min halves, 8v8, use 6 x 18 goals.
U12 Boys & Girls will play 30 min halves, 8v8, use 6 x 18 goals
NOTE: Only 14 players can play in one game.
Web site
Updated information can be obtained by visiting our web site at
Please talk to other clubs and let’s get the word out and make this a great league.
If you should have any questions please feel free to contact me at (803) 446-4504.
Thank you and look forward to hearing back from everyone.
Dennis R. Cook
Sandlapper Administrator

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