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  Palmetto United 02 Girls Gold vs. ICFC White ** Sandlapper League Spring 2012 ** #1037 
Sun, March 11, 2012 - 4:00 pm
Under 9/10 Girls Blue
Sunny and 70 degrees
 Palmetto United 02 Girls Gold 2
 ICFC White 4
Palmetto United 02 Girls Gold ICFC White
 #  POS   Match ELIGIBLE  ID#      
  Ambrose, Lauren
  Ford, Ashley
  Leonard, Kate
  Ross, Abby
  Schenk, Alexandra
  Seel, Carrie
  Shave, Julia
  Siebert, Hannah
 #  POS   PLAYED/STATS  G   A   Y   R 
76 D
17 M
22 M
49 M
20 GK
15 M
77 M
12 D
 #  POS   Match ELIGIBLE  ID#      
88 M   Domurat, Carsen 128-12263-32
Match RECAP:  ICFC White


This game was like watching a bad movie, but with a spectacular ending.  We did not play well in the first half of this game.  We made some changes in the second half and found a great connection onthe left side with Savannah, Olivia and Kyleigh.

Our defense inthe second half was outstanding.  Jadelyn and Savannah were unstopable at protecting Hunter in goal.

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