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  ICFC White vs. SCUFC 01 Girls Black ** Sandlapper League Spring 2012 ** #1002 
Sun, April 22, 2012 - 3:30 pm
Under 9/10 Girls Blue
 ICFC White 1
 SCUFC 01 Girls Black 4
ICFC White SCUFC 01 Girls Black
 #  POS   PLAYED/STATS  G   A   Y   R 
76 D
17 M
22 M
49 M 1
77 M
12 D
10 M
 #  POS   Match ELIGIBLE  ID#      
88 M   Domurat, Carsen 128-12263-32
20 GK   Mellon, Savannah 128-12150-07
15 M   Neeley, Abigail 126-12263-42
Match RECAP:  ICFC White
Jadelyn scores the only goal of this game by being exactly where she needed to be.  The passing up to her goal was perfect.  We played this 1st place team well.  Possession was approx. 50/50.  Mary Grace did a great job in goal.  Addison played the entire game.  Hunter was exceptional on defense, especially in the 2nd half.  Note: Savannah and Abigail cold not attend.
 #  POS   Match ELIGIBLE  ID#      
  Amrol, L
  Capps, A
  Isherwood, R
  Rushing, Z
  Ryan, S 129-12312-77
  Thompson, E
  Walker, M
  Webb, H

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