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  DSC 99 Lady Green vs. Sumter United U12 Girls ** Sandlapper League Fall 2010 ** #1115 
Sun, November 14, 2010 - 1:30 pm
Under 11/12 Girls Blue
 DSC 99 Lady Green 0
 Sumter United U12 Girls 3
DSC 99 Lady Green Sumter United U12 Girls
 #  POS   PLAYED/STATS  G   A   Y   R 
8 GK
  Buckner, Gabrielle
1 D
  Dahl, Kayla
14 D
  Durant, Madison
9 F
  Holloway, Brianna
24 M
  Lyons, Latrice
22 D
  Miller, Paden
10 D
  Moore, Crystal
11 GK
  Piccolo, Francesca
12 M
  Shadbolt, Megan
28 F
  Shaffer, Mary Kate
Match RECAP:  Sumter United U12 Girls

Our team showed up to play as scheduled. The DSC team decided to forfeit at the last minute because they didn't want to travel. It was unfortunate to cheat our girls out of their last game - definitely not how we wanted to win.

I am proud of our team and their sportsmanship! We had a great season - sorry for the last game to be taken from you.


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