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Reporting Scores

Reporting Your Scores:
Game reports must be entered online.  The person completing the Game Report online will only need to enter the score. All other information is for your team use. 

Please note: There is a Tuesday morning 12 pm deadline to complete Game Reports.   

Reporting Instructions:

  • Go to your Sandlapper Team Page
  • Log-in to the Team page by clicking on TEAM LOG IN
  • Enter your email address and Pin #
  • Select the Team Scorekeeping tab
  • Find the game you played and enter the game scores
  • After you enter the scores select the SAVE box, this will save your scores and take you to the Team Page
  • At this time you can enter any other information you care to enter by clicking on the score under MR heading
  • To edit your game stats click on the Edit xxxxxx Game Stats/Events heading
  • When you are finished entering information go to the bottom of the page
  • Select SAVE
  • You are finished

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