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Rescheduling Sandlapper League Games

Please use the following guidelines for rescheduling game that have been canceled due to weather or field conditions.

PLEASE do not put Dennis R. Cook on your email distribution while you are trying to reschedule games. When you have agreed to the date and location then send Dennis R Cook an email. It gets way to confusing trying to follow the email trail.

1) Teams must contact each other and agree on a date to play the canceled match.

2) Each team must send an email to Dennis R. Cook at agreeing to the rescheduled match date and location (ie Columbia, Charleston,etc). Dennis will then determine a time and field where the match can be played and post on the web site. Your notification will be an email to the game change.

3) If teams can not agree on a reschedule date for counting matches, the league will decide on a date based on the original bye date information submitted with the application.

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